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Neighborhood Spotlight: Download Wellness

Our neighbor, Download Wellness, is the Bay Area’s premier wellness studio located along the Oakland waterfront and offers massage therapy, bodywork, corporate on-site chair massage, facials, oncology skin care, lash extensions and B12 injections from the best wellness practitioners in town.

We connected with Memi Vaughn, Director of Bodywork, to ask her some questions and get the inside story of Download Wellness.

How did you decide this was the business for you? Share a bit of your journey in wellness with us.

As a busy mother of three I truly enjoyed anytime I had in my schedule to get a massage and facial. I quickly realized that being able to focus on my individual self-care also allowed me to better carve out time for myself and others.  At some point my massage therapist said, “Did you know that as good as it feels for you to receive a massage, it is also truly awesome to give one to a client.” I didn’t believe it until I decided to take a massage class.  I truly enjoyed the yoga stances, meditation, and relaxation throughout the time giving the massage as well as the fact that massage therapy heals and helps with the flow of our body. Immediately, I knew I wanted to move forward, become a Certified Massage Therapist and open my own private practice and now storefront, so others could see the benefits of massage therapy as well.

What year did you launch Download Wellness and how long have you been on the Oakland Waterfront? What made you choose the location?

Download Wellness was launched in 2016 in Downtown Oakland. We moved to our waterfront location in April of 2017 because of easy free parking, the magnificent view of beautiful sailboats on the water and quiet environment which is much more befitting for a wellness center.  Being that you’ll hear more of the hustle and bustle of Oakland located Downtown. My primary goal was to always offer our client’s the atmosphere of a retreat, oasis or home away from home.

There are loads of studies about health benefits of being waterside. Do you find people are able to respond to treatment better in this relaxed setting?

Absolutely, we have noticed our clients come out of their sessions no matter if it’s a relaxing massage, vegan facial, acupuncture and even Botox and head straight to our back door to sit on the water and sip tea while they continue to indulge in their relaxation with a more happier, healthier mind and body.

Your 3 personal favorite treatments:

My three favorite treatments are our Gluten-Free Facial with Liliana Aranda. She is very attentive and can handle a variety of skin types. Being an African American woman, it has been hard to manage my skin in various climates, but Liliana has been working with my skin and now I get many compliments about how clear it looks, and I am always asked what my regimen is. With Liliana who travels to Paris 2-3 times a year she is well versed in prescribing an especially crafted experience and regimen for each person. As everyone is different.

I also truly enjoy a massage and acupuncture. Our team thrives in being knowledgeable in healing as well as relaxation. Dr. Bartlett is the Chief Acupuncturist at Sutter Health and runs her own private practice at Download Wellness. She has healed a variety of things for me such as allergies and anxiety. That paired with a monthly massage truly helps me to have a wonderful relationship with my children, partner and a great work life balance. As self-care is truly important to me.

Being dog-friendly and all, we noticed you pamper pups too! Do you have regulars?

Yes, we do, and they love to come and get pampered. Many of our fur friends come because they actually have a medical need. For example, our favorite pal Jumpie suffered from tumors and loved to be massaged to help increase circulation and blood flow. Dog lovers and their fur babies love to come and get their pup massage!

One thing in my wellness routine that I cannot live without is:

Taking time out for myself which can mean a vacation, reading a book or just finding time for myself to meditate and have a good meal.

Describe your weekly wellness show and any other community-based events or learning opportunities that readers may enjoy:

I have always had a passion to teach others the importance of entrepreneurship and how someone should align themselves to live their best life.  One way, Download Wellness teaches is by using social media to reach the masses.  We call our segment wealth and wellness.  We go live on Facebook every Monday at 12:30pm.  The topics Liliana Aranda and I discuss are surrounded by whatever self-help book that we both are currently reading.  Right now, we are tackling 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by, Stephen R. Covey.  We encourage our followers to purchase the featured book and read along with us.  We have the most fun engaging with our audience this way and we’re able to answer questions and receive positive feedback.

Every Saturday we conduct a Download Wellness Acupuncture Community Clinic from 1-4pm for affordable acupuncture sessions. 

Download Wellness loves to give back to our community and hardworking contributors to the community.  Annually we host a FREE City of Oakland First Responders and Civil Servants Gratitude Day.

For two days our Wellness Practitioner’s showcase their talents and give 10 minute wellness treatments such as, Chair Massage, Neck & Scalp Massage, Reiki, Eye Treatment, Acupuncture, and Chinese Medicine to any Firefighter, Active or Retired Military officer, Oakland Police Officer, Paramedic, Coast Guard Employee, Oakland Teacher, Nurse or Doctor and Social Workers. This year it will be on Wednesday, December 11th, 2019 from 12pm to 3pm and Thursday, December 12th, 2019 from 10am to 12pm.   Along with our free parking we will also serve refreshments.  People will have to R.S.V.P. by calling 415-756-8988.

Thanks for taking the time to share some insight regarding Download Wellness.  Learn more about Download Wellness on their website and Facebook page.


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